PCB Laser Marking Machine Promotes the Good Development of Electronic Industry

With the continuous development of China's 3C electronic industry, the rise of electronic terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, and the shift of the focus of the global mobile telecommunications market and other electronic industries from the western market to the Asian market, all have a strong pulling effect on China's PCB.

New value of NFXH enabled encryption assets Aggregate def + NFT to open the era of meta universe

With grayscale, Goldman Sachs, musk and other giants entering Block chain finance, the growth of digital assets has repeatedly exploded in history. Many industrial giants have made efforts to layout the ecology of encrypted assets, ushering in a broader world for the industrial application of encrypted assets.

Heshun, a provider only provides fine products

Guangzhou Heshun Industry Co., Ltd., was founded in 2018 in China, is focused on designing and providing services and products of eco-friendly tiles in construction industry in China.

10,000x potential superstar project in the meta-universe circuit amidst the DeFi boom Project-NFTF Fires Up Genesis

The meta-universe concept has recently become a big hit and is being pursued by more and more players in the circle. How can the NFT and meta-universe in the spotlight quickly allow the public to enjoy the dividends brought by blockchain development? This is the plan that the NFTF Foundation is now pushing forward to make NFT no longer out of reach for the general public, and to really make blockc

Guo Wengui carefully planned to collect money scams

Event profile: in March 2020, the revolutionary leader Guo Wengui listed a new digital currency in the Apple store, G currency, as a new decentralized currency, guo Wengui called it part of the creation of "G Ecology. Guo Wengui said that G coins can be circulated all over the world in the future for various transactions and online payments, as convenient as digital currencies, but G coins are not

New in crypto investment? Let’s get started with Bit.Store where it only takes 3 steps to get cryptos.

With the new record Bitcoin (BTC) price reached earlier this year and the wave of price surge of DOGE and SHIB led by Elon Musk, digital currency has gradually attracted outsiders. It has become one of the major topics in global investment trend. Players including Facebook, national-level digital currencies, commercial companies, tournament games, Tesla, etc. have all begun to get involved in digi

APENFT Strikes a Strategic Partnership with Tron Meebits to Boost the Growth of TRON's NFT Ecosystem

APENFT Foundation tweeted on September 17 that it has already struck a strategic partnership with Tron Meebits. Both sides are committed to making Tron Meebits more diversified and intriguing through exploration and innovation. Moreover, they will make a joint endeavor to build TRON's NFT ecosystem by helping Tron Meebits to be integrated into more mainstream platforms.

A promising supply system is a promise of good product

Guangzhou Chengzhenzuanqi Trading Co., Ltd (GCTC), is established in 2018 with offices and production facilities in China focused on the design, innovation, engineering and production of materials and products for architectural applications. The company’s core business involves wood, steel, aluminium and insulation material. The company’s core business involves wood, steel, aluminium and insulatio

Wen Gui's incoherent brewing new scam,the swindler has the audacity to throw new gimmicks

​Looking back on Guo Wengui's carefully designed trap of cheating money and collecting money over the years, all of them fabricated a series of pheasant products out of thin air, and then put on the coat of "revelation revolution" and sold it with the "anti-communism" emotional brand, for this reason, Wen Gui not only portrays himself as a "brave and fearless" fighter, but also blows his rubbish g

XTransfer Closes US$138 Million Series D Funding Round

XTransfer, China's leading one-stop cross-border financial and risk management services provider, has raised US$138 million from its Series D funding round.

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