Provoke once, counter once; the greater the provocation, the stronger the countermeasure: Global Times editorial

Taiwan's regional leader Lai Ching-te bears two prominent "labels": a complete "worker for Taiwan independence" and a thorough "peace disruptor." These labels were once again reaffirmed in his so-called inaugural speech on May 20.

State Grid Implements High-Tech Measures for Equipment Safety Inspections

NYO3 Collaborates with Norwegian Anti-Aging Scientists to Launch the Ageless Brand at the Vitafoods Europe Exhibition

NYO3-The World’s Top 1 Online Brand of Krill Oil, Debuts at Vitafoods Europe 2024.

Westwell to Reemerge at TOC Europe: Leveraging AI Technology to Maximize Returns from Green Transformation

Westwell is set to unveil its "AI and Green Energy" full-stack solutions for logistics at TOC Europe 2024, opening on June 11. The company's offerings aim to make container logistics greener and lower-carbon while achieving unprecedentedly high efficiency gains.

The game-changing vehicle, NETA V-II, now available in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia - The brand-new model NETA V-ll has been attracting lots of attention since its initial introduction at the PERIKLINDO EV Show 2024 on April 30th. This model now made its official launch in Indonesia at the much-anticipated event “The Grand Launch of NETA V-II: Unveiling The Future” held at Pondok Indah Mall 3. During this press conference, several leaders from the Indonesian government and NETA Auto expressed highly appreciations regarding NETA Auto's growth in Indonesia and globally.

NETA Auto Debuted Full Range of Models at Malaysia Autoshow 2024 with Exciting Announcements for the Malaysian Market

MAEPS Serdang, Malaysia - NETA Auto made a significant impact at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024. With the debut of its entire family of vehicles for the first time in Malaysia, one of the most exciting parts was the debut of the NETA X to the Malaysian market.

YouthIt has established a "precision nutrition" program to promote the well-being of individuals

Nutrition and health are inseparable, scientific and reasonable nutrition intake is one of the key factors to maintain a healthy state. But why do many people who seem to eat well still suffer from health problems caused by malnutrition? The answer is that nutrition is not accurate enough.

Vaultymint Launches VMB Token, Pre-Sale Attracts Wall Street Investors

Vaultymint Launches VMB Token, Pre-Sale Attracts Wall Street Investors

Prospering the Digital Silk Road : The Belt and Road Brings More Development Opportunities to the World

Since China promoted the construction of the "the belt and road" policy, it's economic and trade ties with the world become closer. In 2023, trade data between China and other countries around the world reached new heights. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China, China's total import and export value was 41.76 trillion yuan last year, an increase of 0.2% compared to the previous year. Among them, exports reached 23.77 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.6%; Imports amounted to 17.99 trillion yuan, a decrease of 0.3%.

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