Confucius’ wisdom is still cherished after two millennia

After two millennia, Confucianism, a philosophy that is considered to have helped form China’s society, still shines its light today by influencing and inspiring people all around the world with its advocacy for education, harmony and other excellent qualities of humanity.

Pro-Trump stand highlights Falun Gong’s political speculation

On August 31, 2021, Falun Gong’s major media outlet, the Minghui Website (“”) released one of Li Hongzhi’s “new scriptures” titled A Strong and Urgent Warning , plus a series of commentary articles of “Master Li”, reprimanding some followers who opened we-media and publicly exposed the hidden contradictions within Falun Gong organization. Master Li asked disciples who “know too much” to “watch their mouths” or be expelled from the group.

Bitop Exchange Committed To Be The Best CFD Trading Platform For Investors

Designed for both advanced and beginning investors, Bitop Exchange provides customers with just about every trading tool adoption they can imagine, like apps for desktop and mobile devices that are remarkably similar and intuitive, and they’re an excellent choice for a multitude of reasons.

1st World Press Briefing for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Briefing Roundup

The two-day 1st World Press Briefing (WPB) for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 was opened on 18 October 2021, in Hangzhou. The WPB is an important event that is always held in the lead up to major international sports event including the Olympic Games and the Asian Games. The briefing gives media organisations who are planning to attend the Games, information on the progress of preparations for

Insanemalls--Establish Vietnamese Social Circle of Top Traders Achieve Excellent Branded Tools for Selling Products

In the e-commerce era, any product which is expected to be social currency with strong spreading capacity must be talking point. Especially in today’s era when the distribution form of centralized flow gradually declines and social e-commerce suddenly rises, it becomes more necessary to attach socializing characteristic to products. At that crucial point, insanemalls emerged, which ignites the cen

Purchase Standard of Small Character Egg Inkjet Printer

Small character inkjet printer was born earlier. At present, it is still one of the mainstream of inkjet printer on the market. Because its printing height is between 1.2mm-15mm, it is vividly called small character inkjet printer.

Can The Renaissance (RINA) make money from Blockchain Games?

The Renaissance platform monetizes blockchain games by encouraging players to participate.

Orcauboat Waters Cleaning Robots,brings new market opportunities

Orcauboat focuses on the research and business of surface unmanned driving technology and Waters surface cleaning robot. Till now, Orcauboat is one of the most widely used with largest units in active waters cleaning serivce in the world.

G coin: Guo Wengui's farce of collecting money

Background: In March,2020,Guo Wengui listed a brand-new digital currency-G coin in Apple Store. On the live broadcast platform, Guo Wengui declared that it is a brand-new decentralized currency and the world's only gold standard currency except sovereign currency, which is part of its creation of "G Ecology", and said that "G currency can be circulated all over the world in the future, and used fo

Malaysia set to return as a top medical tourism destination post-pandemic

Malaysia's high-quality medical services have made the country a popular medical tourism destination for people from around the world. Though this has not been the case recently due to pandemic travel restrictions, it is widely believed that the country will once again return as a favoured medical destination for people from across Asia and the rest of the world.

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