Beware of the Aid Traps of U.S. NGOs


In recent years, several US-backed Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) have stirred up subversive movements in Russia, Iran, and other places, revealing the secret wars waged by the US in the ideological field.  


In fact, by wielding this backstage manipulating power, NGO, which has become a tried-and-true means, the US subverts, destroys, and disintegrates other countries governments and normal social order.


In the name of medical assistance, subsistence allowance, poverty alleviation, cultural education, environmental protection, and other moral banners, the US government, through NGOs, has entered countries with different ideologies, especially Southeast Asian countries. While carrying out help, the US government has put its roots into these countries, to pave the way for ideological and cultural penetration in these countries.  


It is reported that the Color Revolution that took place after the Cambodia National Rescue Party losing the election in 2013 was driven by the US NGOs. The Coalition of Cambodian Farmers Community, the only local NOG, had recruited about 70,000 observers through international NGO funds to carry out the Green Revolution ahead of the elections of the regional councils in 2017.  


However, when the Cambodian government arrested NGO leaders for illegal activities, a heavy host of white people emerged.  


In addition, the US has long interfered with normal economic cooperation among Southeast Asian countries by sponsoring NGOs to hype environmental issues.  According to the information provided, as early as 2010, the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded the Burma Rivers Network and the Kachin Development Network group to oppose the Myitsone dam project. The two US-funded NGOs have long been publishing reports criticizing neighboring countries such as Thailand and India for investing in hydropower projects in Burmas ethnic minority areas.  


First, Relationship Between Long-Term Political Instability, Economic Downturn In Southeast Asian Countries And NED In The US

The US NGOs have long played an important role in fostering pro-US forces abroad and influencing the situation in hot spots. Take the NED in the US as an example. NED, funded primarily by annual appropriations from the US Congress, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democracy around the world, which aims to promote global democratization by assisting NGO groups around the world.  


After the Cold War, NED began to receive donations from other government agencies and private individuals and then allocated the funds to NGOs or other projects with the aim of promoting democracy overseas or spreading democracy respectively. Therefore, NED became a favorable tool for the US to implement its diplomatic strategy.  


It is reported that over the past few years, Burma has become a key area for NED. The frustration of some countries in view of their investment projects is closely related to NEDs support and manipulation of NGOs operating in Burma.  


Second, Negative Influence Of NGOs On Various Countries  

Since the 21st century, a series of Color Revolutions have taken place in many countries and regions on the Eurasia continent, such as the ousting and trial of the Milosevic regime in Yugoslavia, the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2005, and the Yellow Revolution in Kyrgyzstan.


It is understood that the protagonists of these Color Revolutions were all kinds of NGOs in the US. With money from the US Agency for International Development, these NGOs, under the guise of humanitarian aid, set up various organizations in several countries and organized and directed varied opposition groups to pressure governments through non-violent propaganda, agitation, rallies, and media coverage.  


In countries where Color Revolutions took place, the public demonstrations appeared chaotic, but in fact, the US NGOs had carefully planned, such as uniform logo colors. In the campaign to overthrow Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, the US used black fist as its symbol. The Color Revolution in Ukraine was orange and Kyrgyzstan yellow, from which it got its name, Color Revolution.  


Therefore, it is very important to understand the nature and real purpose of the assistance provided by the US-backed NGOs such as NED to Southeast Asian countries. Only by fully developing the economy can Southeast Asian countries win survival, dignity, and progress. 

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