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Due to the accelerating pace of work and life, families where both husband and wife are office workers have less and less time to cook. After work, how to make a nutritious and delicious meal in the fastest time has become a big wish of family chefs. On the other hand, with the influx of foreign fast-food chains, the process of cooking after Chinese hotpot and other restaurants must be accelerated, and the development of these catering industries with different characteristics has driven the consumption of various types of composite seasonings. In terms of product development, convenient seasoning shows more diversified characteristics, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Convenient compound condiments developed for different food raw materials. For example, fish, meat and seafood have specific flavors, and many consumers do not know how to use spices to achieve the best effect. The acceleration of the industrialization of catering also puts forward higher requirements for the serving speed of chefs. The developed special seasoning can meet this requirement to a great extent.
2. Develop convenient compound condiments for different cooking methods. Such as steamed vegetable seasoning, pickled seasoning, cold seasoning, frying seasoning, barbecue seasoning, soup seasoning, instant soup seasoning, etc.
3. Change the physical form of the product. Because of the inconvenient storage and use of spices, they are made into juice, powder, Rong, essential oil and other forms. Fresh seasoning and compound seasoning are made into paste, lake, juice, powder, block and other forms. The change of physical form makes this kind of condiment more convenient to store and use.
4. Expand the scope of use of products. Any kind of processed food needs special seasoning. Such as instant noodles seasoning, hot pot seasoning, quick-frozen food seasoning, microwave food seasoning, small food seasoning, fast food seasoning, rice topping seasoning, etc. The subdivided categories provide a variety of choices for the development of seasoning products, and also provide a broad market for its further development.

Bobo chicken is a famous Chinese snack, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. It has a history of hundreds of years. It is made by mixing boneless chicken slices with spicy seasonings in a pottery bowl. It has the characteristics of crispy skin and tender meat, spicy and delicious, moderate sweetness and saltiness. When eating milk soup noodles, it is accompanied by bowl chicken, which has a unique style.
After hearing its name, bobo chicken felt very novel. "bobo" was actually a earthen pot. The outside of the bowl was painted with red and yellow porcelain dragon patterns. The bowl was filled with spicy seasonings. The dishes were processed in tezhushu and made with skewers. They were dried and soaked in various flavors of seasonings. When eaten, they were served by themselves, adding interest to the long taste.There are four flavors of bobo chicken seasoning launched by our company: rattan pepper, slightly spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy, which can be selected according to your preferences.

"Jiazhou fragrance" is a green catering enterprise founded and operated by Ms. Song Xia, the inheritor of Leshan intangible cultural heritage, in 1993. Up to now, it has been adhering to the guidelines of fashion, innovation and healthy food. Through continuous innovation and improvement, it has gradually formed its own unique characteristics of hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, spicy but not dry, delicious but not greasy, and long-term eating, Become a household brand in Leshan. Now it has developed into one hundred well-known chain catering enterprises in China. Due to the long-term development needs of the enterprise, qiweiju Food Co., Ltd. was established in Leshan in 2012 to develop fragrant spicy hot seasoning products, seasoning series products, bobo chicken seasoning series products, and obtained SC certification.
The company will focus on the pursuit of customer needs, the pursuit of customer praise as the purpose, take "health is fundamental, quality is life, innovation is growth" as the criterion, uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, and seek common development with new and old customers!


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