Coloured Plastic Steel Door And Window Profiles


Use scenario: Plastic doors and windows are well sealed, so the sound insulation effect is very good (sound insulation up to 30dB). The thermal conductivity of PVC plastic is 1/1000 of that of aluminium, and the multi-cavity cross-sectional design of the profile makes it a good heat insulator. During the production process, the energy consumption of PVC doors and windows is 1/8 of that of aluminium alloy doors and windows, while during the use of the products, PVC doors and windows are 30% to 50% more energy efficient than aluminium alloy doors and windows; thirdly, the continuous production of PVC doors and windows profiles by applying the extrusion method ensures the precision of the size and shape of the products, thus the appearance of the products is exquisite, and no paint is needed, so the maintenance is easy and low during the use, which is This is significantly better than steel, aluminium and wooden windows and doors, and has excellent corrosion resistance.                                                      

The PVC plastic itself has strong corrosion resistance, so the doors and windows are particularly suitable for corrosive media, such as beaches, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, salt farms, paper mills, laboratories and indoor swimming pools, etc. Finally, the main raw material for plastic windows and doors is hard PVC resin, which is non-combustible, non-combustible and self-extinguishing, so safety and fire performance is good. The window burning test shows that plastic doors and windows can meet the requirements of "Combustible Building Materials for High-Rise Buildings", and its fire performance has been approved by the fire authorities of Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

Most plastic windows are made from PVC resin, combined with stabilisers and fillers.
Features. First of all, in energy saving and sound insulation, plastic steel has high insulation and energy saving performance, also in line with the same government policies, regulations and technical standards proposed for building energy saving, decided to have high energy saving requirements for heating and cooling buildings, in busy areas and hospitals and other places can focus on considering plastic steel country windows. At present, Xu service brand period steel new surface early degree more than the discussion of 80mm, some internal cavity its reached more than 6 levels, after testing its whole window insulation performance K value can be as low as 0.8W/(m-K) below. Therefore plastic steel doors and windows have become the first choice for passive buildings, zero energy and low energy buildings. Compared with passive windows made of other materials, Pvc doors and windows have obvious advantages in terms of cost. Secondly, the steel lining of plastic windows and doors and plastic profiles is fixed by mechanical screws and there is generally no connection between the rods of each steel lining, so their overall strength is lower than that of metal and wooden windows and doors, so large curtain walls or window units with dimensions exceeding 3mx3m and other windows and doors that exceed the limits of mechanical analysis and performance requirements should not be made with plastic profiles. Thirdly, in terms of area of use, plastic steel products are suitable for almost all regions of the earth, except for the bipolar regions. However, the formulation needs to be adjusted according to climatic characteristics and the service life of the product will vary: fourthly, compared to wooden windows, plastic steel is resistant to corrosion, does not require paint maintenance and is not affected by external humidity or insect damage. Therefore, plastic windows can also be used in coastal, humid and termite-prone areas.
Our co-extruded material uses a nano-UV resistant formulation to solve the problem of brittleness of the two uneven co-extruded profiles, PVC-PMMA and PVC-ASA, and the poor compatibility with PVC raw materials. The co-extruded material is then roller-coated with UV-resistant fluorocarbon paint, which solves the problem of the general polishing process not being durable and is self-cleaning.
The wood grain is printed in various colours and shapes according to the user's needs, and then roll-coated with a fluorocarbon UV lacquer, which is high-grade and luxurious and has a strong UV resistance.

Sichuan Chuanyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in Sichuan Province and even the southwest region to produce "Chuanhuai" brand energy-saving aluminum-plastic composite profiles. Sichuan Chuanyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a PVC plastic door and window manufacturer integrating production and installation. Founded in 2000, it has a group of engineering and technical personnel with rich production experience. The "Chuanyuan", "Chuanhuai" and "Chuanjiang" colored plastic steel profiles produced by the enterprise sell well both inside and outside the province. After several years of continuous innovation, the "Chuanhuai" brand aluminum-plastic composite profile developed and produced is a combination of the advantages of high strength of aluminum alloy and good energy-saving effect of plastic steel profile. It is an upgraded product of aluminum alloy doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows. It has passed the national ys/t729-2010 profile standard and gb/t29734.2-2013 national quality inspection center for aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows and obtained a certificate of conformity. In order to meet the modern people's pursuit of fashion and high-quality life, the enterprise summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various color profile production processes at home and abroad, makes continuous improvement and innovation, takes colored extrusion as the background color, adopts roller coating, transfer printing, full body, printing and other processes, produces various wood grains according to the different needs of users, and then uses various high-grade plastic paint, fluorocarbon UV paint and other spraying, roller coating and printing. The high-grade and environment-friendly colored plastic steel and aluminum-plastic composite profiles produced are beautiful, elegant and rich in color lines, bringing people a warm feeling of returning to nature. In line with the business philosophy of honesty, trustworthiness, pioneering and enterprising, and the enterprise spirit of unity, diligence, realism and innovation, the company welcomes new and old users from all walks of life to patronize and negotiate, and create a "win-win" situation


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