In the fruit and vegetable industry, foam fruit boxes are commonly used packaging materials because they have many benefits and advantages. Next, let’s discuss the benefits and advantages of using foam fruit boxes. Customizable: Because the materials and molding tools for making foam fruit boxes are relatively easy to make, they can be customized to a certain extent. According to the type and volume of the fruit, the box size can be customized so that each fruit can be properly packaged. In some factories with high customization requirements, this kind of boxes can be mass-produced, which not only reduces material waste but also improves production efficiency. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Eps is a common environmentally friendly material that does not cause pollution. Moreover, this material can also be recycled and used to make other products. It is beneficial to both environmental protection and economic development.

Light and easy to carry: The foam fruit box is made of eps (polystyrene). This material is not only very light, but also has a good cushioning effect, which can effectively protect the fruits from damage. The design of the pallet also makes the box easier to handle and move, and will not place an excessive burden on workers due to the weight of the box. Easy to store: The storage of foam fruit boxes is also very convenient. Due to the special nature of eps, the surface of this box is not susceptible to moisture and will not be easily deformed due to water vapor penetration, maintaining its original shape. When storing, just place the box in a dry and ventilated place. At the same time, stacking of foam fruit boxes is also easy. This kind of box has a very regular block design. When stacked together, it does not create a lot of gaps, and it can also snap together, making it more stable and safe. This can greatly reduce storage space usage. Cost saving: Compared with other packaging materials, foam fruit boxes have very obvious advantages. First of all, the price of this material is relatively low, which can greatly reduce costs. Secondly, the size of the foam fruit box can be customized according to needs, without causing waste of packaging materials and additional costs. Moreover, this kind of box can be reused and can also reduce transportation costs.

Chongqing weiride materials co., ltd. Is located in building 53, shuangfu jiayuan high-tech industrial park, xincheng, chongqing. It has its own standard factory building of 6,000 square meters and currently has 65 employees, including 10 technicians, 5 senior technicians, and management there are 6 employees; it has 4 sets of eps plate automatic production lines and 1 set of eps packaging automatic production line, with an annual output of 400,000 cubic meters of eps plates and 15 million pieces (sets) of eps packaging; in order to better serve our customers and effectively reduce customer transportation cost, the company has branches and production lines in wanzhou, chongqing and zunyi, guizhou. Based on the business philosophy of "integrity first, quality first, service first", we welcome new and old customers to visit us for guidance.
Expanded polystyrene (styrene) products have excellent permanent insulation properties, unique shock-resistant buffering properties, aging resistance and hydrophobicity, and good flame retardant properties. It provides high-quality materials and services for construction companies, vehicle supporting equipment, ship transportation, road and bridge construction, and refrigeration equipment insulation; it is also widely used in light steel sandwich panels, wall line shapes, shrinkage joint filling, art decoration, and advertising sculpture shapes.
Our company's products are divided into two types: Plates and packaging. We can provide customers with 10mm-1000mm plates, 1900# and 1400# packaging models. We can also customize special-shaped products for customers. The needs of customers are our target companies, in order to achieve a win-win situation. ,develop together.
Based on the business principles of quality first, customer first, integrity-based, and mutual benefit, we will make friends with you and serve your friends enthusiastically.



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