Golden steel window screens, with high strength, simple and powerful, shear resistance, impact resistance and other high-quality performance, the real embodiment of anti-theft, insect prevention, ventilation, beautiful, safety and other advantages. The high-strength hardware lock equipped with the screen window can not be opened from the outside after being locked, so as to play a anti-theft effect. Diamond screen window function:
1 Safety protection: refuse unsafe factors to prevent damage or invasion by rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals.
2 Prevention of falling objects: not because the doors and Windows are opened, so that the elderly or children playing in the room are in an unsafe state.
3 Invisible and transparent: no sense of barrier, no sense of shelter, no sense of oppression, indoor at any time to keep bright and natural.
4 Easy to open and easy to escape: instead of the traditional fixed guardrail, it is easy for the family to quickly escape the scene when there is a crisis such as fire.
5 Energy saving: does not cause air block, indoor breeze at any time, reduce unnecessary air conditioning operation.
6 Easy care: dust and oil cleaning is convenient and easy, with a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush a little care that is bright as new.
7 Resistance to ultraviolet rays: can resist up to 30% of ultraviolet rays, so that you can enjoy the sun at the same time, but also to avoid UV damage to the skin.
8 Humanized design: the domestic exclusive door and window corner protection design reduces the damage of sharp doors and Windows to the elderly and children.
9 Low carbon environmental protection: completely made of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution.
10 Wide application: suitable for high-end residential and villa groups.

Golden steel window screens is a kind of anti-theft screen. It refers to the anti-theft screen with diamond mesh as the gauze screen. Medium and high-end diamond mesh, also known as bulletproof mesh, has high strength, impact resistance and other characteristics. Diamond screen window is made of high-strength stainless steel wire by heavy precision loom, and the surface is sprayed with matte treatment, installed on the aluminum doors and Windows with anti-mosquito and anti-theft functions of the window.
First, according to the material is generally divided into nylon, metal and glass composite fiber 3.
1. Nylon material is soft and easy to clean, but it is easy to age and the strength and safety are relatively low
2. Metal window screens generally have iron yarn, stainless steel and aluminum alloy yarn, and stainless steel yarn is more common in the home decoration door and window market. This kind of window screen is hard and has outstanding safety protection performance.
3. Glass composite fiber is more prominent than nylon material fire resistance and aging resistance, is softer than metal yarn, and is commonly seen in foldable window screens.
Second, according to the opening method is generally divided into 6 kinds: fixed, push-pull, open, hidden form, folding
1. Fixed window screen is not convenient to disassemble, and it is more troublesome to clean
2. Push-pull window screens are generally used with push-pull Windows for easy disassembly
3. Open type is generally used with casement Windows, which are currently used more
4. Hidden window screens generally have side pull type, pull type and pull down type 3, generally all kinds of window types can be configured.
5. Folding window screens are often used for indoor and outdoor partition doors
This product is a custom product, the diamond mesh thickness is 0.6mm stainless steel gauze, the main profile wall thickness is 1.0mm, the product specifications can be made according to the actual order (such as: 0.7cm*120cm)

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