SEA GOD bull market wave, GD may become a potential DeFi project


A single Bitcoin breaks $60,000. The DEFI, NFT, and public chain sectors have already exploded in succession. So far, the US SEC's adoption of the Bitcoin ETF will drive the bull market in the fourth quarter of 2021 to officially set sail.

As we all know, there will be hot assists in each round of the bull market, which will boost the entire bull market upward. Obviously, the keywords of this bull market are DEFI and NFT. A large number of DeFi tokens from specific blockchain networks performed better than BTC last week. In fact, among all the crypto assets that exist today, many of them are focused on DeFi's digital assets have better returns than BTC, and the entire defi market is developing in a direction that is conducive to the rise of the market.

In addition to the rebound in the broader market, some projects in the DeFi market are also driving the rebound in the DeFi market, such as SEA GOD, which is gaining momentum recently.

SEA GOD, the token name GD, adopts the decentralized DEFI model. In decentralized transactions, anyone can lend their cryptocurrency to the liquidity pool and then charge a fee. The decentralized trading platform of SEA GOD is called GDSwap. GD is the ecological token of GDSwap. GDSwap is fully smart contract operation, global consensus is high, real hematopoiesis is free of bubbles, open, transparent, and decentralized. Users can trade freely on GDSwap. The platform benchmarks multiple trading pairs, which is more convenient and efficient than centralized exchanges.

In the past year, we can witness the rise of DeFi from the market value. With the continuous development of the cryptocurrency industry, Defi products have become more mature and diversified. GD currently mainly includes decentralized transactions of digital assets, as well as over-collateralized digital assets to obtain lending services. GD's DeFi financial ecology includes extensive uses such as governance, pledge, investment participation, dividends and airdrops, as well as oracle ecology, pledge lending, insurance and funds.

With the bull market one after another, DeFi has become more and more competitive with the traditional financial industry. Driven by the lending agreement and the decentralized exchange DEX, a large inflow of capital has provided new financial tools and created new financing opportunities. GD's investment portfolio packs multiple DeFi assets and income mining pools to ensure the diversification of risks and returns, instead of relying solely on the income from liquid mining.

Whoever can master the source of income can have a strong ability to win in this field. GD's DeFi financial ecology truly masters the traffic password, gradually expands the single liquidity incentive model, and knocks on the door to a new world of financial ecology in the future.







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