New value of NFXH enabled encryption assets Aggregate def + NFT to open the era of meta universe


With grayscale, Goldman Sachs, musk and other giants entering Block chain finance, the growth of digital assets has repeatedly exploded in history. Many industrial giants have made efforts to layout the ecology of encrypted assets, ushering in a broader world for the industrial application of encrypted assets.

At the same time, many amazing innovative products appeared in NFT (non homogeneous token) market, and NFT ecology began to expand rapidly. At present, the overall market scale of NFT has entered the threshold of hundreds of millions of dollars, and diversified ecosystems such as trading platform, game, collection, encryption art, music and DeFi (decentralized Finance) are showing a rapid development trend.

The first DeFi + NFT ecosystem released by “Non fungible token Box Head” is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol based on "HECO". The first ecological token "NFXH coin" provides decentralized cross chain transactions for assets and supports seamless asset synthesis. The whole navigation ecological application focuses on asset management, asset management, NFT asset identification, advertising, social networking and asset digitization, And will open the meta universe ecology after going online.

"NFXH" will build a meta universe asset sandbox, map encrypted assets to the physical world, do not set any technical barriers in the ecosystem, give unlimited possibilities to ecological applications, and provide a decentralized underlying architecture. Through its original smart contract, Oracle and other application functions, it can provide services such as training, insurance, games, energy, art, professional education, medical treatment Real estate, collection, jewelry, music and offline services provide a development environment for many types of industries. Integrate the blockchain application and cryptocurrency consensus, and provide encrypted Asset Services for the majority of industries while promoting the development of blockchain technology.

"NFXH" meta universe ecology will be used as an open underlying protocol network of DeFi, support participants in different financial fields and Block chain developers to complete the development and cooperation of different business systems, and provide open basic modules for different distributed financial scenarios to meet the business needs of different financial scenarios.

In this new era, “Non fungible token Box Head”has broken through the conventional constraints and launched an open, distributed and decentralized meta universe ecosystem of DeFi + NFT, with diverse financial scenarios. As an encrypted asset born under the ecosystem, "NFXH" is the bearing carrier of the whole ecological related income and value. Its application scenario is the embodiment of the dual value created by DeFi + NFT. Under such dual blessing, the value of "NFXH" will grow into an asset star with two super engines.

“Non fungible token Box Head” ecology is committed to building a decentralized, open source and integrated DeFi + NFT ecosystem and enabling the value of "exclusive NFXT" assets. In addition, based on the support of smart contract, Oracle network, cross chain protocol and DAPP, realize equal financial services and share the existing value changes in the financial field.

“Non fungible token Box Head” is the most innovative force in the field of def + NFT financial ecology to achieve financial equality and Inclusive Finance. It is developed by mythical games (mythical games studio), a well-known American game industry giant, and is favored by IDG capital, bit capital and Kosmos capital venture capital in Boston. It enables the ecology through the research of application scenarios and market patterns, Realize resource docking with investment institutions in finance and Blockchain investment and research industry, and give play to greater fusion effect.

The “Non fungible token Box Head” Metauniverse will provide participants with a decentralized and safe DeFi + NFT ecological platform, lead consensus makers to get rid of traditional finance and build an independent economy, so that each consensus can enter a new DeFi + NFT open financial ecosystem.

"NFXH" will eventually create a new ecological application, and its future development potential and growth space will be enormous. It will also reconstruct the Metauniverse encrypted asset value system and reshuffle the wealth.

The new era of meta universe has come. NFXH ecology will take DeFi + NFT as the engine, lead consensus makers to win-win and set sail for a new universe of encrypted asset dividends.

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