youkey received top U.S. blockchain investment fund Polychain Capital-Trans Union fund investment

01-19 道琼斯

The youkey Foundation revealed that it had recently received investment from the internationally renowned blockchain fund, the Polychain Capital-Trans Union Fund, which raised about $150 million in assets and would jointly build a youkey industry, making the industry one of the largest digital asset hedge funds.

 youkey Foundation stated that it was pleased to cooperate with Polychain Capital-Trans Union. youkey the foundation will receive this investment, Polychain Capital-Trans Union will inject its overseas quality resources, including technology, market, capital and many other aspects, I believe youkey foundation overseas will usher in explosive growth.

 The reason why youkey Foundation won Polychain Capital-Trans Union favor is that the foundation caused a sensation in the United States and the media at the end of 2020, which also proves the smooth development of the globalization strategy of the youkey Foundation and the vigorous development of the overseas community of the Foundation. As a district applied block chain technology, the youkey Foundation aims to create a decentralized high-quality data flow platform, through intelligent contracts to help the real industry to obtain training data simply and quickly, and through this way of economic incentives to solve the real industry quality data acquisition difficult pain point.

 The Polychain Capital-Trans Union will appoint Markus as head of the team and lead the team to upgrade and build youkeycoin international exchanges, optimize and upgrade YKtoken smart contracts, and develop new ecological derivatives. Moreover, in the research and development of youkey public chain, cooperate with the original technical team of youkey Foundation to develop cross-chain technology with more technical advantages.

 youkey is expected to become the world's top blockchain industry in 2021, combining decentralized exchanges, decentralized wallets, block chain intelligent contract applications, traceability systems, digital money and financial derivatives and other heavyweight sectors. Enter the top pyramid in the block chain industry.

 The strong alliance heralds the birth of a giant again in the block chain industry, and a series of good news will be launched after the joint venture.


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