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ATC is going to be listed on LBank

Astosch is a Multi-Channel Network Platform operator based in Spain. It officially owns Intellectual Property of Real Madrid C.F. Astosch has a vision to become the No.1 company in the Global Sports Industry by securing intellectual property rights of various sports clubs and building a Virtual World Ecosystem.

IAI Token, Smart Contract Platform for New Era

1. The development of blockchain

Bityard: Building Competitiveness Through Diverse Trading Services with High Market Data Accuracy and Stability

Recently, the Bitcoin price has been increasing significantly. On January 8th, 2021, it has reached $41,000 updating its all-time high, and even exceeded the market cap of Visa.

youkey received top U.S. blockchain investment fund Polychain Capital-Trans Union fund investment

The youkey Foundation revealed that it had recently received investment from the internationally renowned blockchain fund, the Polychain Capital-Trans Union Fund, which raised about $150 million in assets and would jointly build a youkey industry, making the industry one of the largest digital asset hedge funds.

Bitcherry BCHC, WTIA and DRC Youth Ministry signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

WTIA Chairman Kim, BitCherry CEO signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Youth Development Minister of The Democratic Republic of the Congo!

Let me tell you the difference between YFX and INJ's trading mechanism in DEX

The DeFi field has amazing upside potential. Whether it is relative to the entire crypto market, or especially relative to the traditional derivatives market, the total value of DeFi is negligible. New users entering the field will bring liquidity and promote the exponential growth of the DeFi derivatives market.

In the DeFi track, how does DEX rookie YFX quickly occupy the high ground of decentralized perpetual contracts?

The DeFi world is changing rapidly and new gameplay is updating everyday. As the most popular and fastest-developing trading product in the DeFi field, DEX obviously will not miss the fastest-growing derivatives market in the cryptocurrency trading market. In the field of cryptocurrency derivatives, the distinctive perpetual contract has naturally become a high ground for competition in the new ba

Under the upsurge of DeFi, the new platform POWER SWAP will lead Swap to a benign development era

​The fire of Uniswap and YFII brought many chain users onto the auto market maker's rocket. But what is more clear about the DeFi product is: why do we need so many steps to mine the pledge?

NPC global technology community jointly promotes ecological construction

Looking back at the past 2020, if you must find a key word, DeFi may be more worth mentioning than the surge in BTC at the end of the year. According to data from DeFi Pulse, as of January 9, the total DeFi lock-up volume (TVL) has reached $22.1 billion, a record high. Such a large scale, if combined with the ecological value and significance of DeFi to the traditional financial market, it may be

Mobius Digital Token Game Wallet-Practicing Robert Kiyosaki's Road to Financial Freedom

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